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Today is my due date. I would not have imagined that instead of nursing my son, my husband and I would be spreading his ashes in the Pacific.  It has been three of the hardest months of my life. I thought I was getting better but this morning, my reality hit me like a ton of bricks.  I cried so hard that my eyes were swollen shut. Grief sucks. It has taken over my life. My life currently is still in such a stand still that I don’t have any distractions from my pain. How do you handle your due date?

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  • I pray for your peace of mind during this rough time in your life. I recently loss my little girl Ivy on 5/10/2016 and her due date just pasted on 9/13/2016. It has been so difficult seeing that date come and go. I find myself counting how many days old she would be if she was still alive and with us. My life has changed so much since losing her and I wonder sometimes will my days ever get brighter. Reading others experiences has helped to give me strength and I appreciate you for sharing your experience to help women like me who struggle to find peace in such tragedy. I don’t think I will ever heal fully but I just want to make my load a little lighter. So sorry for your loss. Peace and blessings.

    • Keanna
      1 year ago

      Thank you for sharing. I am so sorry for your loss. 5/10/16 is the same date I lost my baby. I’ve changed a lot as well and it is not easy getting used to this new normal. I don’t even know what to do with myself some days. Your days will get brighter-I’m sure of it! I love your little girl’s name! She wouldn’t want you to feel burdened with grief. I pray that your load is lifted and that God heals your spirit.

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