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I’m Keanna. Let me be the first to say that I didn’t want to write this. No one would. One minute I was expecting with my first bundle of joy, and the next I was being held down by husband and doctor as I was told the crushing news that there was no heartbeat.

I felt disconnected. I felt disconnected from my body, from life, from God. When you are put in such a surreal situation, you just sometimes feel so helpless.  I didn’t know what to do. My life changed so quickly and I felt a void bigger than the one in my stomach. I constantly asked God “why?” I searched the bible for answers. I began to write. I wrote about my feelings, my emotions, my anger, everything I felt. I wrote about the scriptures I read. I felt compelled to turn my writings into a book to hopefully encourage others who had suffered such a tragic experience.  I hope to keep this site up as an outlet for people to read and share their stories and freely express what you are going through and how you are getting by.

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  • Thank you for using your story to inspire others. This is an excellent read and it’s obvious that it’s coming from a brave and courageous woman!

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