Seeking the Son in the Storm

finding the son in the rain


Currently, I live in sunny Los Angeles where there isn’t much rain and stormy weather, but back home in Atlanta, we have our fair share of heavy rain, flooding, and severe thunderstorms–sometimes for days on end. When storms are a way of life, you learn how to prepare for them. Sometimes when faced with these severe storms, local emergency officials interrupt your regularly scheduled program for a special report to urge residents to seek shelter. The day I lost my son, I found myself in one of my most severe storms. The weather was unpredictable and tumultuous but I stuck with the emergency plan and sought shelter from the rain in the Son. His word continues to provide comfort and peace through this storm that has greatly impacted my life. He has given me the opportunity to share my story to encourage others who have experienced similar tragedies in a devotional that offers meditations on His word through such grief.

I’ve lost more than I care to count so I know first hand that after the phone calls and cards stop, the grief still lingers. I urge you to seek shelter and take your sadness, pains, and heartache to Christ. He is your shelter from the storms of life.


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  • Annette
    1 year ago

    Your words are so comforting and soothing. The phone calls and cards will stop; those are the external things over which we have no control. So it is very important that we focus on those things that we do have control over to find solace, peace, and comfort. Thank you for this posting that encourages seeking shelter from the storm by casting all our cares on the LORD.

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